3 Romantic City Escape: Florence, Cologne and Valencia

Eye-poppingly beautiful, Florence – or Firenze as the Italians know it – is rich with unforgettable architecture and beautiful scenery. The city features historic works of art including Michelangelo’s David and the birth of Venus in the world – renowned Uffizi gallery. Perfect for couple, you can take a stroll through the stunning Boboli Gardens, enjoy a late-night walk along the Arno River and see the Golden Bridge before a romantic meal at one of the city’s many top restaurants.

One of Germany’s lesser-known treasures, Cologne is an affordable yet romantic destination. Couples will want to see the Hohenzollern Bridge, adorned with thousands of Padlocks left by lovers who then throw their key into the river Rhine. The Belgian Quarter is home to alleyways littered with restaurants serving delicious food, while the Rhinepark provides a peaceful space to sit and relax. If you have a sweet tooth, you could always round off your stay with a visit to the spectacular chocolate museum.

Valencia is Spain’s third largest city but is sometimes overshadowed by Barcelona and Madrid, but still offers a wealth of things to do for couples. This destination is overflowing with first-class restaurants serving mouth watering food, while there are several different parks to explore including Alfubera, a nature park surrounded by rice fields that offers boat tours. The old town is brimming with tapas to try and streets to get lost in, while the beach s only a couple of miles away.