Take a City Break to Faro, Portugal

Faro might be known as the gateway to the Algarve, but there’s much to discover in the town itself. If you stick around to explore you will be surprise at what you will find.  A delightful mixture of Moorish remains and 18th-century Portuguese architecture, Faro’s cobbled streets and old city walls offer glorious sights wherever you turn.  And, with the temperatures still in the mid-20s throughout September, it’s the right place for those wanting a last minute summer get away.

World Wide Jungle Adventures

It’s an abseiling paradise in Malaysia, with several sumptuous locations on offer for a range of abilities.  Beginners would be advised to try Gunung Jerai in kedah or Gunung Tangsi in Negeri Sembilan, while the more experienced abseiler can’t fail to be impressed by the challenge the rivers, mountains and rainforests provide.  For those looking for the ultimate abseiling test, though, look no further than Sabah’s Gunung Kinabalu.  At just over 4,000 metres, it’s one of the highest – and toughest – mountains in southeast Asia.

Sporting Break in Madrid, Spain

If you’ve ever been to the Spanish capital of Madrid in the sweltering heat of summer, you’ll know that the idea of actually doing any sport there is enough to make you feel sick. “Nueve Messe de invierno, tres messe de infierno,” (nine months of winter, three months of hell) the locals say ruefully, before sinking another glass of iced water and fanning their face with a rolled-up copy of Marca – a local football magazine.

Take A Norwegian City Break

Norway’s cities offer much more than the more obvious city break destination they combine cosmopolitan culture with spectacular scenery and the great outdoors. So they are the best of both worlds, the city and the countryside.

Oslo, Norway’s buzzing, cosmopolitan capital epitomises Scandinavian chic with its trendy shops and restaurants and striking Italian marble Opera House which resembles a glacier sliding into the fjord.

11 Great British Heritage Sites To Visit


This is a perfect day out.  While majestic Tudor palace is the main attraction, wandering around its gardens and getting lost in the maze are perfect additions to a visit on a fine day. And the interpretation is what all heritage attractions should ain for. Costumed guided tours, audio guides, videos and displays are excellent at explaining and capturing the feel of royal history and are all included in the entry price.  Children are well catered for, with family trails and hands-on displays.  And while there are cobbles and steps aplenty, much of the sites is wheelchair accessible.  The palace can be reached by all forms of transport and there are some parking on site.  The main restaurant on site that serves a good selection of food, albeit a bit pricey.

Have a Craic City Break in Belfast and Dublin


What do you look for in your ideal city break? Well, if it’s just for a few days or the weekend, you must be able to get there quickly and easily.  The city also has to offer memorable experiences, amazing sights, great culture, wonderful cuisine, warm hospitality and tick all the boxes that make it a must visit destination. Because of its closeness to the UK and the rest of Europe, its great holiday experience or short break that won’t break the bank.

Dubai - Go Direct or Enjoy Your Stopover


Dubai is the sort of place you think you know even if you’ve never been – it conjures up images of opulent hotels and towering sky scrapers.  Most of our experience of Dubai is a stopover destination; however, it is so much more. It has some of the most luxurious resorts - the world’s only seven star hotel, world class restaurants, pristine beaches and a great place for a family holiday.  Even if you choose to use it as a gateway to your next destination, make your next stopover a bit longer to enjoy what of what Dubai has to offer.

Koh Chang - Thailand's Paradise Island

There seems to be some dispute over how the island got the name that means ‘Elephant Isle’ in Thai.  Some say it looks like an elephant from above, others say that it looks like an elephant as it rises hump-backed out of the Gulf of Thailand.  There is also a folk-tale that two of Buddha’s elephants escaped and waded into the sea: the mother was inexplicably ‘fossilised’ to form Koh Chang and the baby become tiny Koh Chang Noi.

Climb Mount Snowdon, England and Wales Highest Point


The Snowdonia National Park, more so Mount Snowdon is one of Wales most visited attractions.  Located in north-west Wales Snowdon is said to be one of the wonders of Wales by Wales former first minister Rhodri Morgan, the band Doves has also name a song after it.

Visit Some of England’s Best Beaches

The perfect arc of sand at Lulworht is one of the most famous features of the British coastline.  It’s a beautiful beach, although it can get very busy in the summer months.  Lulworth is part of the Jurassic Coast, and you can learn more about it a the excellent visitor centre near the beach, but the best way to explore the area’s beauty is to walk from Lulworth over the cliffs to the extraordinary rock formation known as Durdle Door.

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