Short Break with Hazards

Street Luge
Presumably invented by lazy skaters who couldn’t be bothered to stand up, the extreme sport of street luge involves lying prostrate on a giant skateboard and hurtling, feet first, down a road at pant-wetting speeds.  Lugers can reach speeds above the ground, that feels even faster than it sounds.

With no hint of machine power in sight, lugers are sent crashing downhill by the force of gravity alone.  You steer around bends by leaning into them and brake by using your feet.  The fact that lugers must wear full motorcycle leathers and a crash helmet indicates that, yes, this pursuit isn’t without risk.  Street luging is popular in the States, Australia, Switzerland and Germany and UK.


Visit Some of Russia's Revolutionay Landmarks

The St. Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Petersburg: This historic city was founded by Peter The Great (though not named after him, the hounour went to St. Peter).  I’ve chosen the fortress because it was the first structure built in the city.  The story goes that Peter was fighting against the Swedes and he drew a cross on the ground and said, “Here shall be born St.Petersburg.” It looks over a river and is like a vast version of Venice.

PERM-36: A slightly morbid choice, but this is the last of the political prison camps of the Soviet Age and it’s been preserved.  It didn’t close until 1087.  Back then, if you were found guilty of subversion or anti-state propaganda you’d be sent here.  You can see the tiny cells for solitary confinement.  They tried to break people’s spirit. Happily, they didn’t always succeed.

Hvar, One of Croatia's Finest Islands


The Dalmatian Coast is said to be one of the most beautiful coastline in Europe. Dotted along the Croatian coast are islands, each has its different shape and size and offers its own attraction and beauty.  Hvar Island (pronounced phwoar) along with the rest of the Dalmatian Coast has grown into a must visit European destination.  It was overlooked for the only Greek islands and its westerly neighbours the Italians.  Known as the Croatian Madeira, Hvar receives 300 days of sunshine each year - making it the sunniest spot in the Adriatic both in summer and winter.

World Wide Canyon Adventures


Trek Kings Canyon, Australia
Hiking around the ochre sands of the 440 million-year-old Kings Canyon, which cuts through Australia’s Watarrka National Park, is a true outback adventure. Follow the orange signs for Kings Creek Walk, an hour-long stroll along the boulder-strewn bowels of the gorge, or hunt the navy blue sighns for the ore challenging Kings Canyon Rim Walk, will reward you with incredible views of the prehistoric red-rock gorge. It also gives you a great excuse to wear one of those silly corked hats-there are flies everywhere.

See Candelaria Festival: Peru's Biggest Festival


Cited as the second biggest party in South America after the Rio Carnival, The Le Fiesta de la Virgen de la Candelaria (Cinderella Festival) is Peru’s biggest festival. The two weeks festival takes place 40 days after Christmas, in honour of the virgin Maria of the Candelaria. It celebrates how a vision of the virgin Maria warned Peruvian miners that an enemy army was approaching. The festival is a mixture of spiritual and cultural celebration of Peru’s history and traditions.

A Day Out to Scotland’s Best Beaches

Nairn has been describe as the Brighton of Scotland, and has one of the sunniest climate north of the border. The wide sandy beach that stretches out to the left of the town is ideal for families. There is good parking nearby and all the facilities f the town are just a short stroll away, although the beach is separated by a bank of dunes, ensuring that it maintains a wild, tranquil feel.

Child Safe: UK Summer Holidays Guide

It can be tricky to keep the children entertained in summertime. The typical school holiday comes with 48 ‘I’m boreds’, seven ‘are we there yets?’ and two threats to ‘turn the car round’, according to a recent survey of British parents. Summer holidays also mean just three lie-ins for mum and dad and 24 temper tantrums from the little ones, research found. So if you’re dreading the school holidays, here’s our guide to what’s on that will keep the kids, and you, busy.

Enjoy San Francisco's Golden Sunset and Cultural Attractions

A visit to San Francisco should be on everyone wish list of places to visit at some point. The city offers great food, a wonderful skyline, the sunny climate and a warm welcome for it visitors.  Depending on whom you speak to about San Francisco it conjures up different memories and thoughts, whether it’s from the movies, music, history or business and technology something will spring to mind thus, it’s easy to see why San Francisco is regarded as one of the world’s top destinations.

Ultimate Spa Breaks to Liberate Your Mind and Body

A Spa session is now a must have when we go on holiday, if not the only reason for the holiday. Therefore, Hoteliers world wide are now aware of this need and are designing Spas that offers the best in holistic treatments. For you our readers we have done a world wide search for some of the latest and best Spa breaks your mind and body will thank you for. These can be found in Italy, UK, Sicily, St. Lucia, Tasmania, Vietnam and UAE

Es Saadi Palace Spa, Morocco
Located in the Moroccan city of Marrakesh, the Es Saadi Palace Spa specialist treatments include the five Es Saadi signature messages, aimed at promoting detoxification stimulating energy, sculpting the body and rebalancing the body and mind. A yoga class followed by one of those treatments in the spa’s vast open-air terrace overlooking the Atlas Mountain surely beat any DIY treatment.

Christmas Shopping in Milan

Many of us might have saved all year to buy our love ones that special gift for Christmas or we want to treat ourselves for the hard work we have doing all year.  This year why not treat yourself and fill those stockings from the shopping mecca of Milan. I am sure those gifts will not find themselves in the charity shops or being passed on as gift the following year.

Milan might not have the charm of Florence or Venice but it is famous as a destination for designer shopping, it is also a treasure trove of quirky boutiques, tucked away down bohemian side streets.  Whether they are selling fashion, food or furniture they are mouth wateringly chic.  A trip to this austere Lombardy city for your Christmas shopping is worth every penny spent on a plate of pasta, designer handbag or clothes or even just taking in the atmosphere of the city.

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