Enjoy Fine Dining in South Tyrol

Like all Italians, the South Tyrolean’s take their food very seriously. South Tyrol’s unique blend of Italian, Tyrolean and Ladin cultures is reflected in the variety and fusion of flavours found in the region’s cuisine. As an almost inevitable result, it is home to some of Europe’s finest restaurants and award-winning wine producers.

5 Walking Break Destinations

This Unesco-approved network of trails leads deep into the heart of the Kii Mountains, southeast of Kyoto. Numerous tracks criss-cross these cedar-scented, waterfall-laced mountains dotted with shrines and temples; you can trek a section in a few days or complete the whole pilgrimage as Kyoto’s ancient emperors did, in roughly six weeks.

Duration: From one night to six weeks.

Level: Easy/moderate. Paths are well-maintained and shady, and you’re never far from help.

Make It South Tyrol This Winter

There are many reasons people choose to go skiing, from the wonderful alpine vistas to the top-class après-ski that can be as lively as it is stylish. But at the heart of any skiing trip is the snow itself – and an opportunity to enjoy the thrills (and sometimes spills) of a descent surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet.

Short Break Ski Destination Special

CRESTED BUTTE, United States

BEST FOR: Steep and deep skiers looking to channel their inner cowboy.

Arguably the last remaining gem in Colorado’s world-famous portfolio of ski towns, Crested Butte is overflowing with authentic skier soul.  Located a mere 35 miles as the crow flies from Aspen, Crested Butte has a vibe that couldn’t feel further away from the glitzy celeb-fuelled world that exists just over the hill. ‘Crusty Butt’, as it is also affectionately known, is a genuinely welcoming place of locally owned businesses and ‘real’ people who are fiercely proud of their funky little Rocky Mountain cowboy town.

Take a Tree House Short Break

Located in North Devon Biosphere Reserve is the Treetops guest house. Built in a 250-year-old oak tree is this two bedroom three house. The Treetops takes tree house to another level, glamping at another level. This vast tree-home runs over three floors, with the tree passing under, over, around and even through it; there is one particular branch in the lounge having been cunningly covered with a box seat.

tree house

Enjoy Weekend Shopping in Milan

With designer stores a plenty, vintage boutiques, fantastic food, art and grand architecture, Milan is the perfect place to enjoy a stylish weekend away.  Start your trip by checking into the Bulgari Milano Hotel, which many of the city's visitors are happy to call home during the Milan Fashion Week (September).

Housed in a very tastefully renovated 18th-century Milanese palazzo in the heart of the shopping district, it's an excellent base for exploring one of Italy's most liveable, and shopping friendly cities.

Mediterranean Short Breaks at Their Best

The Mediterranean is a mixing pot of culture, taste and entertainment. For those looking for a short break the region has something for any budget or taste. For those interested in the party scene Hvar, Croatia is worth a looking; Relaxation is available in the less obvious beach destination such as Montenegro; for food hounds Puglia, Italy and Istanbul awaits.

Go Snowshoeing and Winter Walking in Tuscany

Areas like South Tyrol, Italy’s most northerly region is one of Italy’s key attractions in the winter months as sky professionals and enthusiasts come in their thousands to enjoy the white stuff.  But, have you ever consider Tuscany as a winter destination for snowshoeing and winter walking? The same lovely long walks you have in the summer months you have them here in the winter months as well; with one major difference, it is much quieter.

10 Great Ski Destinations to Consider for Your Next Winter Break

As the warm summer’s sun fades and Autumn moves into Winter a different type of thrill seekers emerge thinking of where best to enjoy the white stuff.  Choosing which ski resort to hangout at and checking the weather reports every five minutes to see how snow is falling can be time consuming. We have put together a list of 10 great destinations that we think will appeal to the different type of skiers. We have Jackson Hole, USA to Rusutsu, Japan plus a whole host of European resorts.

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