48 Hours in Malta

The jewel of the Mediterranean, Malta combines a fascinating history, stunning landscapes, magnificent architecture and mouthwatering food.  300 days of sunshine, an alluring rugged landscape and fascinating cultural heritage, Malta is waiting to be explored.

And with winter temperatures of up to 17 degrees, you can stroll comfortably through the golden – huge capital, Valletta, centuries of history in the nearby towns and villages, savour the islands unique cuisine, and enjoy cocktails with unparalleled views of the Mediterranean.

Head to Malta for Sea, Sun and Family Fun

There are few islands that can rival Malta for its magical mix of culture, history and natural beauty. Thanks to its enviable position in the middle of the Mediterranean, this island has been much coveted as a naval base, conquered by a succession of world powers for more than 7000 years, from the Romans to the Knights of St John. Today, it’s Malta’s fantastic climate and unusual story that attracts visitors, although the rich influence of its former rulers is never far from view.

No Where In The Mediterranean Like Malta

Which island hosts the largest free festival in Europe that has attracted the likes of Snoop Dogg, Lady Gaga and Flo Rida? Where do you think Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Thor actor Chris Hemsworth takes a break to explore the depths of the ocean?  The answer is Med-hot Malta – the upcoming go-to destinations for discerning travellers (and celebrities), because it offers 300 days of sun, affordable luxury, picturesque resorts with an abundance of water sports and great nightlife.

Make it Malta this Summer

Malta has long been the Mediterranean's best-kept party secret, but a host of new festivals means the island is now dancing into the big league.  As far back as the 1990s, Malta raves were attracting international superstars, such as DJ Carl Cox, with huge parties often in lush settings that put even Ibiza in the shade.


Malta, A Destination For The Autumn Season

For most of us living in European countries, Autumn means shorter days and longer nights; the warmth and happy feeling of summer has started to fade.  Sometime if we are lucky we get a prolong warm that comes around in the day, but when the nights draw in and we feel an autumn chill, many of us will be yearning for some warmth and sun.

Enjoy Some of Malta's Best Festivals

With thousands of festivals and parties taking place across Europe each summer, there are a lot of pretenders to the crown of new European party hotspot. But the island of Malta may well be it, steadily building its reputation as a serious music and culture destination for those in the know.

Just three hours from the UK, Malta is becoming known by 20 and 30-somethings as an incredibly diverse destination.  Those tired of paying Ibiza's prices or battling for a few inches of sand in Italy are finding a country with a lot of bang for your buck.

5 Last Minute Autumn Half-Term Getaways

Do you want to get away for the autumn half-term school break? we have found a bunch of activities that you might by interested in; they include farm visit, water sports, history and culture, high adrenaline adventure activities and glamour for those who want to just hangout.

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