Malta, A Destination For The Autumn Season

For most of us living in European countries, Autumn means shorter days and longer nights; the warmth and happy feeling of summer has started to fade.  Sometime if we are lucky we get a prolong warm that comes around in the day, but when the nights draw in and we feel an autumn chill, many of us will be yearning for some warmth and sun.

Get The Chill Factor in Menorca

The small island of Menorca offers countless ways to disconnect from city life, from hiking along ancient paths to relaxing on perfect beaches.  Famed for its long stretches of golden beach, crystalline waters and barefoot philosophy; located in the Mediterranean Sea, Menorca is one of Spain’s Balearic Island that does things its own way. You’ll know Menorca is special from the moment you first set eyes on its rolling landscape and immaculate 200km coastline, or from your first taste of a unique cuisine that’s a melting pot of styles and influences.

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