Run the Jamaica Reggae Marathon

Under the theme “come for the run, stay for the fun” the Reggae Marathon is run in Negril, on the western point of the Island over looking the Caribbean Sea.  According to Reggae Marathon website, the Reggae Marathon was started in 2001 and has grown over the years. The event now has visitors going to the island just for the race.

If you are not up to a full marathon you can take part in the half marathon. After running so many miles you can relax with your feet in the water on one of Negril’s many white sandy beaches. “Negril's powdery white beach is Jamaica's most famous and among the best in the entire Caribbean”.

The Marathon takes place during the first week of December.  So if you living in a country where the temperature is below zero at this time of the year, then the Reggae Marathon would help to warn you up.  To avoid full wrath of the Island’s baking temperature the Marathon is run during the early hours of the morning – with a guard of honour of locals bearing flaming torches.
Unlike other marathons the racers are cheered on by the volunteers, cheering crowed and by reggae sound systems with enough wattage to power a small town.  Why not make this one of your reason to visit the island this winter, speak to a travel agent.