New Zealand

New Zealand, an Adventure Playground

New Zealand is a country which thrives on adventure. Rugged mountain landscapes become off-piste playgrounds, sky-reflecting lakes turn into jet-boat race trackers while ice-blue glaciers open up for exhilarating exploration.  The Kiwis have made it possible to jump, drive, slide, roll, fly or hike through pretty much any part of the country's terrain - making it a wonderland for adrenaline seekers.

5 Walking Break Destinations

This Unesco-approved network of trails leads deep into the heart of the Kii Mountains, southeast of Kyoto. Numerous tracks criss-cross these cedar-scented, waterfall-laced mountains dotted with shrines and temples; you can trek a section in a few days or complete the whole pilgrimage as Kyoto’s ancient emperors did, in roughly six weeks.

Duration: From one night to six weeks.

Level: Easy/moderate. Paths are well-maintained and shady, and you’re never far from help.

4 Ski Resorts To Improve Your Snowboarding FreeStyle Skills

If you want to ramp up your tricks and nail some extreme moves in one week, Core Snowboard Camps in Whistler are a pretty slick bet.  The Nintendo Terrain Park offers six parks of different levels, a superpipe and a snowcross track, and if that tops, hip jumps, spines, rails and fun boxes are your bag, Core's pro snowboarder coaches will show you the ropes. Groups are no bigger than four, and instructors use video analysis - as well as a degree of good-natured ribbing to show you the way.

Six Figure Short Break Ideas

I you are one of those that are willing to pay for an holiday experience where the cost is not an issue then we have found five that you would be interested in. Whatever you are interested in sun, snow or adrenaline rush adventure – with a bit of glamping. The locations include the Caribbean, Europe the southern hemisphere South Africa and New Zealand - as far as the South Pole.

Worldwide Caving Adventures


When I read of places like the Sotano de las Golondrinas (Cave of Swallows) a huge 1200ft pit in Mexico that could swallow the Empire State Building, and the Oman monster, known as Majlis al Jinn (Meeting Room of the Spirits), the second largest cave chamber in the world.  It only leave me with a certain amount of respect and admiration for caves most for all for those that make it fun to explore as a hobby.  We have collated a list of caves for your next adventure in some of the world’s most striking geographical locations.

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