Time to Consider Qatar

The Middle East is known in the world over for many things, but far and foremost is its abundance of oil and Qatar is no different.  No one expected it to be the host of the 2022 World Cup competition until it was announced back in 2010.  Being host to the competition shed a different light on this side of the Arabian Gulf allowing us to see it as a tourist friendly destination and not just for those flying in and out just for business, but learn about Qatar’s history culture and what it has to offer an adventurer.

Explore Quintessential Doha, Qatar

Whether you’re visiting on a 72-hour stopover or for a week in the year-round Arabian sun, the Qatari capital of Doha is the perfect place to discover vibrant culture and effortless luxury all in one place.  Whether you’re the kind of traveller who wants to dive deep into the culture of a new country, or you just fancy kicking back for a couple of days at the beginning or end of a longer break, Qatar has it all.

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