7 of the World’s Best Deep Sea Dives

All you can hear is the sound of your own slow breathing. Lurid yellow, orange and pink fish flash by, like tiny electric bolts. Your flippers gently brush against the tips of swaying tropical plants and with each metre you swim deeper, there' another underwater scene, each one more mesmerising than the last. Welcome to the world of scuba diving.

Experience Winter on Thailand's Koh Samui

The Thai island of Koh Samui is a little slice of paradise – offering everything from water sports to blissful relaxation.  From secret Buddha gardens to hidden beaches, world class hotels to backpacker chic, sizzling street food to world-class cuisine, Koh Samui has established itself as one of the most diverse and alluring destinations on the planet.  For those of us who prefer sun to snow this winter – and who wouldn’t? – This 15km-wide paradise island in Thailand’s Chumphon archipelago takes some beating.

World Wide Jungle Adventures

It’s an abseiling paradise in Malaysia, with several sumptuous locations on offer for a range of abilities.  Beginners would be advised to try Gunung Jerai in kedah or Gunung Tangsi in Negeri Sembilan, while the more experienced abseiler can’t fail to be impressed by the challenge the rivers, mountains and rainforests provide.  For those looking for the ultimate abseiling test, though, look no further than Sabah’s Gunung Kinabalu.  At just over 4,000 metres, it’s one of the highest – and toughest – mountains in southeast Asia.

Koh Chang - Thailand's Paradise Island

There seems to be some dispute over how the island got the name that means ‘Elephant Isle’ in Thai.  Some say it looks like an elephant from above, others say that it looks like an elephant as it rises hump-backed out of the Gulf of Thailand.  There is also a folk-tale that two of Buddha’s elephants escaped and waded into the sea: the mother was inexplicably ‘fossilised’ to form Koh Chang and the baby become tiny Koh Chang Noi.

Worldwide Caving Adventures


When I read of places like the Sotano de las Golondrinas (Cave of Swallows) a huge 1200ft pit in Mexico that could swallow the Empire State Building, and the Oman monster, known as Majlis al Jinn (Meeting Room of the Spirits), the second largest cave chamber in the world.  It only leave me with a certain amount of respect and admiration for caves most for all for those that make it fun to explore as a hobby.  We have collated a list of caves for your next adventure in some of the world’s most striking geographical locations.

Thailand is More Than The Beaches

If you thought Thailand was just a beach holiday destination, then think again. With its incredible diversity, it’s hard not to love Thailand. From a vibrant metropolis to a hammock on a deserted island, bustling streets to a digital detox in the world of meditation – in Thailand there is something for everyone.


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