UP-Close with Finland’s Wild Brown Bears

A twig snaps in the distance and birds begin to circle ominously overhead. I hold my breath, keeping my eyes peeled for a flash of fur. We are in prime brown bear territory in Kainnu, Finland's northern-most region, just 2km from the Russian border.  There are only two inhabitants per square kilometre in Kainnu, which is the size Belgium. The plan is to spot more bears than people.

A Weekend in St Albans, England

With just a 20-minute train journey north of London you can be in St Albans.  This buzzy Hertfordshire city has long been a favourite for those wanting to move out of London.  But apart from being on most commuter’s wish list, there’s a host of things to explore for those wanting wanting a weekend break from the city, like its huge cathedral and crumbling Roman walls. There is a great selection of indie restaurants, brunch spots and a foodie lovers market.

Spend the Weekend in Montenegro

While still not exactly mainstream, Montenegro certainly isn’t under the radar – the tiny Balkan country is popular with yacht owners and moneyed Russians seeking sunshine.  Between the mountains and pretty coastline are eminently walkable walled towns and fortresses, along with upmarket hotels, and places to moor all those yachts.  The high-end marina Porto Montenegro, in Tivat, for example, opened in 2016, touted as the ‘new Monaco’, offering plenty of boutiques, restaurants and bars to satisfy the wealthy clientele.  But Montenegro is far more than just another Med hotspot for the super-

Germany: from Forests to Cathedrals

Every year, about 37 million tourists from all over the world travel to Germany. Also, annually, the German National Tourist Board (GNTB) conducts a survey among international visitors asking them to name their favourite German attractions.  We had a closer look at the top 15 in the list and thought we should suggest some off-the-beaten-track alternatives. Because if you like those, you might also like these.

Take a Bike Tour of Salzburg

Goodness knows what the people of Salzburg made of my family and I careering round their city on bikes, singing Edelweiss at the tops of our voices. But Salzburg is intrinsically linked with The Sound Of Music and The Fraulein Maria bike tour is possibly the most memorable way to immerse yourself in it. To be honest, it wasn't really music and we didn't quite make it up into the hills, but the streets were definitely alive with the sound of our hollering.

3 Swiss Museums Off the Beaten Track

The Swiss might be well-known for making outstanding watches, but they also have an excellent reputation when it comes to hosting cultural events across their beautiful country. We have found three cultural attractions we think you might like: The Cartoonmuseum Basel, The Bernisches Historisches Museum and Bahnmuseum Albula.

A Weekend in Champagne, France

The region that gave its name to the bubbly wine is a fantastic part of France to explore. Only an hour from Paris, Champagne has lip-smacking wine trails that weave through picturesque countryside and villages, and best of all, dozens of tipples to sample - from the palatial home of Moët & Chandon to friendly family outfits operating out of little more than a shed.

Spend a Day in Windsor and Eton Town

Her Majesty’s official residence may be London’s Buckenham Palace, but Queen Elizabeth II has long called Windsor home, less than an hour from London is one of England’s great Royal castles.  So, in addition to seeing Buckenham Palace why not spend the day poking around Windsor and the neighbouring town of Eton.

Havana a Great Holiday in Cuba

If you land during a local celebration of some sort you’ll find something very special about being greeted at Havana’s airport by a troupe of dancing girls, clad in sequins and feathers, moving rhythmically to the strains of salsa and handing out glasses of rum punch.

Learn About Mexico's Past Through Its Heritage Sites

When travelling through Mexico everywhere you look you will find stories of the quest for human freedom.  They are told in the bold colours of the past-Mexican Revolution murals of Rivera, Orozco and Siqueiros.  They are etched in the Zócalos of Colonial cities where the War of Independence was fought.  And they are visible in the pyramid skylines of the ancients, where Mayas, Zapotecs, and Totonacs raised their sights toward harmony with the sun and the moon.  There are 27 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Mexico.  These are places of unique cultural identity and historic importance.  Most of

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