Obertauern - Austria's Powder Playground

Austria is famed for its beautiful mountains and amazing snow sports. Every year, visitors from across the world travel here to enjoy the country's incredible slopes and mountain lifestyle.  With pristine slopes, off-piste powder and the snowiest ski area in Austria, Obertauern is set to become your new favourite winter destination.

As every snow sports enthusiast knows, an essential part of any winter adventure is heavy snowfall on the pistes. Which is why Obertauern is proud that of all Austria's leading snow destinations, it is number one for guaranteed snow. All winter sports destinations wish they could promise heavy snowfall and pristine slopes year after year; however, due to unpredictable weather, it's often hard to tell whether you will be met with green or white hills on your annual ski trip.

The region of Obertauern is a little different, however, as the guarantee of snow in the region was proven by ski tourism researchers Gunther Aigner in 2016, with an average maximum snow depth of 263cm. Thanks to the unique weather conditions in the Tauern mountains, snow clouds coming from the north as well as from the south bring a white splendour to Obertauern for almost seven months, with the first snow falling in October and lasting till May.

The region has attracted some pretty impressive admirers. World-renowned free skier and Red Bull Play Streets veteran Tobi Tritscher is known to frequent the off-piste hills of Obertauern, calling it his own "backyard playground". Tritscher's film series Homerun, in which the Austrian skier rips down incredibly powdery mountains, as filmed entirely on Obertauern's  snowy peaks, showing the full potential of this species region with its amazing snowfall and varied, snaking routes.

Visitors to Obertauern have plenty to explore. The centre of the town, is located at 1,740m above sea level, and is in the middle of several pistes that wind out and cover the mountain slopes up to an altitude of 2,313m, allowing visitors to ski in and out from any location. The legendary Tauern run includes 26 modern  cable cars and ski lifts that connect approximately 100km of slopes, enabling you to explore all the pistes.

With popular snow park The Spot available for snowboarders and freestylers, the more challenging Gamesleiten 2 slope for the bravest and most skilled riders, and the Tauren Tour running for all levels of rider from small children to adults, everyone will discover a holiday they love in Obertauern.